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Notice: Possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold.
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What is Un-merged Account?

They are Old Wow Accounts without battle.net attached to them.
You basically never know what’s inside, it could be nothing but also a character with rare achievements, titles, stuff, mounts or pets, a lot of honorable kills or with several millions gold. Try your luck here!: Get More

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--Unmerged Account Disclaimer & FAQ--

Please contact our live chat before or after you done the order !



You are aware of buying, trading or selling WoW Accounts is against Blizzards Term of Use. You buy at your own risk. We are reseller of these accounts, which are not our own accounts, and we can't guarantee anything that will happen to these accounts after the purchase. We are not responsible for any account suspension.

Unmerged accounts have chance of getting rare things from 2005 to 2009, but you are aware that it's not guaranteed. You can get nothing and you take your own risk to purchase. The accounts are sold based its first and last subscription, which gives them higher chance to get rare things. When you buy it you understand that you might not get what you wished for, and the seller is not responsible for it.

 ★★Have seen:Very high PVP titles incl. [Gladiator], [Grand Marshal], [Field Marshal], [Warlord], [Legionnaire], [Centurion], [Knight], [Knight-Lieutenant],50K+ Honor Kills,Tier 3 FULL Naxxramas gear(level 60), [Scarab Lord] (1), [The Undying], Collectors Edition of Classic/BC/WOTLK,many high level characters [80s,70s, 60s], lots of unobtainable pets, mounts, gear, started quests and achievement points

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often do these accounts get banned?

A: Keep in note that unmerged accounts have high ban-rate and can become banned. If account becomes banned, we can't refund or give new one. Transfer the good characters to your main/other account as soon as possible. Your main will always be 100% safe even if account gets banned.

We also suggest to merge to your main b.net account, if the account has pets/mounts/achiv it will share to your main account directly. When you transfer character to your main, you also avoid having to pay subscription for two wow accounts


Q: How many accounts can you merge per battle.net?

A: 8.


Q: When do I receive account after payment?

A: Instantly to few minutes.Plz check your email after you placed the order, or contact us through skype or live chat ,if all no response,plz just wait we might out of work !

   After you send the payment to us we will send account detail (username and password) and a step to step guide how to merge directly via email.


Q: Can you see exactly what is in the account? I want a Gladiator Title please!

A: No. The only thing we can see is the payment historys first and last subscription and Collector's Editions. Everything else is just a gamble!


Q: What can you guarantee in those accounts?

A: We don't guarantee anything on the accounts. What you can get in them is based on luck.


Q: How high is the chance you can get something good?

A: It is hard to answer this question. Not every customer post me a feedback after buying an account. But most people get "something" from the accounts. You can get something good, or you can get nothing. 


Q: If the unmerged account which I merged into my battle.net with my main gets banned, does it also ban other accounts in my battle.net?

A:No, only the account gets banned. It doesn't affect any other account under same battle.net.