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Diablo3 Unidentified Items

Try your luck

Those items are for at least level 63 Gear will be selected randomly This item cannot be equipped until it is identified After identification, item can be sold via Auction House in game, it is also a good gift for your D3 friends Good luck! We hope you can get some super equipments PS:this item is only available on Diablo US server currently. All class

These items cannot be equipped until they are identified .Good luck! Hope you can get some super equipments

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Diablo 3 item service with 100% Safety Guarantee

Our professional players are striving to provide you a reliable and fastest way to make your hero grow up quickly. You will be absolutely satisfied with our quality power leveling service. Also you can feel free to contact us with any type of items you may want when your hero hitting a higher level! You will be very impressed at our repeated demonstration of excellent customer service and professional team players' work! Join in us and enjoy the 100% Security Guarantee Diablo III in game service now
Our Unidentified Items are all looted by our professional players with 100% Safety Guarantee.You cannot equate our items with others bot drop.It will be an inconceivable suprise for you and your friend when you identify UnID'd items every time.With you the best of luck to make a miracle here for sure!

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